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Share your Pets on Montana PBS!

broadcast on-air and shared on our social media channels

You hear it at the end of every program: "Made possible by viewers like you." But what about pets? Don't they deserve some recognition too? What if they want to flaunt their local, Montana PBS pride?

Well now they can by joining our brand-new Pets Club! For a sustaining membership of $15 a month, up to four of your furry or scaly or gilled or hooved friends can become official members of the station and have photos of their adorable selves wearing posh Montana PBS regalia (a bandana) broadcast on-air and shared on our social media channels. Plus they'll get a personalized card and a coupon for discounted treats and toys because they're just so good yes they are.

How it works


Join the Club

Click the JOIN NOW button to sign up. We'll send you a welcome packet.


Welcome Packet

After recieving your packet, put the bandana on your pet and take their photo.


Email us your pet pic

Email us your pet photo to and we will do the rest.